10 Best Air Mattresses for Camping in 2020 – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]


Are you heading out for the weekend camping? You know that getting proper sleeping is one of the challenges of camping.

Sleeping on the hard and cold ground disturbs your sleeping; moreover, sleeping on the hard ground may cause back pain, it will ruin the complete enjoyment of your trip. 

It won’t happen anymore! Here, we have a lot of air mattresses to provide comfort in your camping. It is an excellent solution for better night sleep; hence you wake up refreshingly while staying in the outdoor camping.

Most importantly, you don’t need to carry weight for your camping trip. Air mattresses are being more popular in the campsite for painless sleeping and comfortability. It is lightweight to take, so you can carry an electric or hand pump with you to fill the air in the mattress.

Choosing the best air mattress for camping is a little bit difficult for you because there are a lot of air mattresses are available in the markets with many aspects that you may have considered.

The mattress offers comfortable sleeping, and it can be lightweight. You may expect the easy pump option or the ergonomic one. Also, you have to look under your budget.

We’ve provided some of the best air mattresses based on your needs. You can throw away all the inconvenience and simply refer to the list given below for your best choice.

Having an air mattress makes your camping adventures happier and comfortable!

10 Best Air Mattresses for Camping - Reviewed

1. Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress

The Coleman Camping Air Mattress is the first product on our list, and it is the best choice for the person who expects the durable and more comfortable air mattress. The frames are constructed with the steel; hence it provides excellent support to the mattress. 


This QueenCot is the greatest multipurpose air bed that can be used for both camping beds and a makeshift bed. No other camping air mattresses are providing this much good sleeping at night, and you can feel like sleeping on the domestic beds. The weight capacity of this bed is 600 pounds, which is quite impressive.

You can compare this air mattress with your home mattress, it will provide that much comfort to your sleeping, but this mattress is not for the tall person.

The steel frame is combined with an inflatable mattress, and it gives durability to the bed. The pump is also provided with this mattress to fill the air, and you can also use the pump for other purposes. But you have to purchase the batteries separately for the pump.

There are two side tables included on both sides of the bed so that you can keep your battery lamp, phone, and some personal stuff on it. You can also use this mattress separately from the steel frame. 

2. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

The SoundAsleep Camping Series is another best air mattress for camping, and it is the recently launched queen-size model, but quite different from the previous model. ComfortCoil Technology is included in this mattress, and there are 40 coils available in this camping bed; hence it gives excellent support to your spine, and this is the best camping air mattress for couples. 


This mattress is suitable for both camping and the guest room. The weight capacity of this mattress is 500 pounds. ComfortCoil Technology will provide excellent support with the I-Beam Air Coil, and it gives excellent comfort in sleeping. The advanced coil technology of these beds allows it to stay flat and helps to maintain its original shape. 

In this mattress, the air chambers are located horizontally, so it makes your sleeping more comfortable. The high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing process of this mattress.

The bed is constructed with multiple layers to prevent punctures. This air mattress is flexible for the rough rock terrains, so you can also place it on the rocks and sharp objects. 

The mattress is constructed with eco-friendly PVC material, so it is a water-resistant mattress. An external pump is included with this mattress; hence you can easily inflate and deflate the mattress.

A heavy-duty rechargeable battery is used in this pump so that you don’t need to change the battery. Using this pump, you can easily inflate the mattress within 3 minutes. This mattress is not for the small space.

3. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

When it comes to the air mattress for camping, the Lightspeed Outdoor is one of the best brands, so that it has good competitors in the market. 

This mattress is built with thermoplastic polyurethane, so it has high durability. The weight of this mattress is 6 pounds, which means it is the lightweight mattress compared to the other standard mattresses.

The material used in this mattress is reduced stretching; hence it can provide good sleeping, and also it makes sure that the mattress is leak proof. 


Usually, this lightspeed outdoor mattress comes with three colors, namely blue, green, and navy blue, and the dimension of this mattress is 79x55x7 inches. The patented stabilizer system of this mattress offers peaceful sleep to you. 

This mattress can easily support up to two persons, and it provides excellent comfort to you. The stabilizer of this mattress will reduce the bouncing effect and the disturbances while sleeping. The comfortable night sleeping is assured in this mattress. 

It has the two-way Boston valve for easy inflation and deflation. The adjustable air level placed inside the mattress is the unique feature of this mattress; therefore, you can adjust the firmness of the mattress. 

There are two-cap systems available in this mattress; one allows the air in, and the other cap is used for inflation and deflation purposes. 

The thermoplastic polyurethane helps to maintain body temperature. The material used for the coating is completely abrasion resistant, so this mattress is extremely durable and suitable for the hard terrains. This mattress is also suitable for the people who are frequently trekking in the rugged terrains.

4. Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

The Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress is best for the person who is looking for a mattress for hunting, camping, or any fishing trip, and it is extremely suitable for the tents.

Most of the people do not like to carry the inflating pump with them, or manually inflating the mattress. If you are using this Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress, you don’t need to think about this problem because this mattress has the self-inflating feature.


It is lightweight to carry so that you can easily carry it anywhere. Due to its durability, it is perfect for your camping trip. The thickness of this mattress is 1.5 inches, and the length is 20×72 inches. This is perfect for single person use. 

The nylon is used for the construction of this mattress; also, it is coated with polyurethane, so it has a durable construction. This super thick construction is specially designed for tents. 

This mattress provides super comfort to the back sleepers, but it is not suitable for the side sleepers. The thickness of this mattress is much enough to keep you away from moisture, and it provides a bit of comfort on the ground. 

You can easily roll out the mattress, and carry it in the bag that provided with this mattress for easy travel.

5. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress Inflatable Single High Airbed

The Etekcity camping mattress is one of the portable Air Mattress which have great demand in the market. This luxurious air mattress is specially designed for the campers, and it provides a cozy night sleep to you. 

This air mattress is designed with the soft fabric cover, which provides a comfy feel to your skin.  

Because of using the non-toxic PVC material, this mattress will provide well insulation from the cold and wet ground, so that you can get deep sleep in your camping


The additional 0.04 layer of this mattress offers extra thick and eliminates the usage of extra sheets under the bed. The non-slip fabric protects the mattress from sliding around the tent floor. 

The superior welding seam helps to avoid the air leakage problem, so the complete airtight makes this mattress perfect for outdoor use. 

An air pump is provided with this mattress to make the easy inflation process with the different types of nozzles. However, the pump needs the recharge for 5 hours for the initial use. 

It has a cordless pump so that you need not mess up with the coil of the cord during the outside uses. This portable pump can easily recharge with the help of the car or the wall charger in your home. 

It is a lightweight mattress so that you can easily transport it. You can roll up this mattress; hence it takes only a small space in your home to store. This mattress is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. The sufficient raise of this mattress will secure you from the ground and wet surface. 

6. Intex Classic Downy Airbed

The Intex is a brand for an air bed that has a limited budget, and it is the popular choice among the young campers. 

The vinyl material is used in this camping material, and the 20.8-gauge vinyl makes it as a waterproof product. The 14-gauge vinyl is used for the beam of this mattress, and 15-gauge vinyl is used in the side and bottom, it provides more comfort and stability of this mattress. 


This mattress is surely enough for two fully grown people for their comfortable sleep because the diameter of the bed is 60×8.75×80 inches. There are two inflatable pillows, and a hand pump is included with this mattress. The weight of this mattress is 22 pounds; hence it is a bit heavy to carry compared to the other beds. 

The weight capacity of this mattress is 600 pounds, and the air inside this mattress does not leak easily. The 8 3/4 thick layer of this mattress gives more comfort to you. 

This mattress is raising you from the ground, so you can easily get insulation from the cold ground and also keep your body warm the whole night. 

The top surface of this mattress has a waterproof coating, so it is ideal for outdoor usage. The plush flocking will help you to make sure it does not slip away from the bed. The flocked surface of this mattress is designed with the wave beam so that you can easily clean the mattress. The double-quick hand pump helps you to inflate the mattress quickly.

7. AeroBed Air Mattress

There are many reasons for preferring air mattresses for your kids, other than they love to sleep. The AeroBed Air Mattress is one of the best air mattresses for kids, and you can use this mattress for fun activities like indoor camping and camping trip. 

This is a great choice for the person who needs a portable travel bed for toddlers. You can easily set and pack this travel bed because of the electric pump and fast deflation action of this mattress. 

The AeroBed toddler bed is easy to inflate using the pump, and the valve on the side of the bed helps you for easy deflation and adjusting the firmness of the mattress. If the valve has broken, you can easily replace it.


You should need the power to use the pump; hence you may require an adaptor or voltage modulator for the prolonged usage of the pump. 

A removable cover and the carry bag is provided with this mattress. The total weight of this mattress with the removable cover and the bag is 1 pound, so you can effortlessly carry this to anywhere. 

The PVC material designs the AeroBed, so it is a waterproof product, and you can easily wipe down the stains. The removable cover of this mattress is machine washable. 

With the easy adjustment of inflation, you can make the firm for the comfortable sleep of your child, and the cotton cover will provide more comfort to sleep. 

The weight capacity of this mattress is 150 pounds, so that you can prefer this mattress for the three age kids. The PVC material makes the construction of this bed very strong. The edge of the mattress raised 4 inches from the sleeping part; hence it will protect your kids and won’t fall out. 

8. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is one of the best choices for indoor and outdoor usage. 

The Never Flat pump feature is available in this mattress; hence it overcomes the air leakage problems in the common air mattresses. The secondary pump will air up the mattress when the deflection has occurred in the usage of the mattress. 

The secondary pump is able to measure the air pressure of the mattress continuously, so you can set to maintain medium, plush, or firm-level setting. This feature is very useful for the person who uses it indoors. 


There are three colors available in this mattress; based on the color, it has different types of designs. The flock of the mattress is made up of small fiber particles that deposit the air into the surface of the mattress; also, it will help you to keep your sheet slipping off. 

The high coil counts are available in this mattress, and it will help you to get a comfortable sleep at night. There are 35 circular coils available in this mattress to give the comfortable sleep surface to you. 

If you turn on the pump and select the required firmness setting, the pump will turn off automatically when it reaches the needed firmness of the mattress, and it will help you to increase the durability of the bed. You can turn the knob for deflecting the mattress.

A convenient carry bag is provided with this mattress; it will help you with the easy storage of the mattress.

9. KingCamp Light Camping Sleeping Air Mattress

A comfortable, lightweight camping air mattress is one of the latest products from the company kingCamp. It is specially designed for single/double outdoor campers.

The 190T polyester is used for designing this mattress; hence it is completely water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and puncture-resistant. The construction of this bed is highly durable, so it is perfect for the rugged and rock territory. The PVC materials are not used in this mattress so that it is considered as an eco-friendly product. 

The dimension of this mattress for single is 76×27.56×3.93 inches, and for the double is 76×54.33×3.93 inches. The weight is 3.74 pounds for single type beds and 7.71 pounds for double type beds.


This mattress comes with the in-built foot pump for inflation. It has the dual valve system, one for inflation and the other for deflation of the mattress. 

The polyester material is used for the construction of the mattress, so it is extremely lightweight and portable; therefore, this mattress is perfect for outdoor camping, trekking, and hiking. 

It can be easily fit into the backpack, so you can easily carry this anywhere. This mattress has the wave system on the top, and it provides more comfort for the good night sleeping. 

A repair kit is provided with this mattress, and you can use it for the temporary repairing work. The person who is searching for the high performing air mattress with a low budget, this is the best choice for them.

10. ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed assures the comfortable sleeping in your camping, and it is best for indoor and outdoor usage. This ALPS Mountaineering Bed is the best choice for the easy and quick set up.  

This bed is specially designed for camping, so the design of this mattress is not looking anything fancy. However, the mattress provides you a more comfortable sleep. 

A rechargeable pump is provided for inflating and deflating the mattress, and you can recharge the pump using a car battery and wall charger. 


The soft-flocked top is designed in this mattress, which will provide extra comfort to sleep, and also it will protect you from sliding off of the bed. 

The extra thick and PVC material is used for the durable construction, also helps for performing as a puncture-resistant product. The welding seams provide extra durability to this mattress. The lining fabric and coil system of this mattress gives more comfort to sleep. 

The weight of this mattress is 9 pounds, and the diameter of this mattress is 60x80x8.5 inches. This weight capacity of this mattress is 500 pounds. It conveniently comes with the carry bag for easy storage and transport purpose. 

The pump has to be recharged for 12 hours before the first use. You can easily inflate and deflate the mattress by using this pump.

Features To Consider Before Buying


When it comes to the air mattress for camping, the material is the first thing to consider. You can choose the material that should be more comfortable, easy to inflate, and some of them may feel a bit heavy. The material of the mattress has to be toxic emission is most important to consider. Choosing non-toxic and non-PVC material helps to avoid harming your health. Using the eco-friendly material, neither harms the environment also. 


You won’t like to carry heavy products to your campsite. It’s not only because of the inconvenience, but if your campsite is too far away from the parking, the heavy material is difficult to carry. So you have to always look for a lightweight and easily foldable mattress. That will ensure your comfort in your trip without compromising the weight factor. 


Air mattress is available in multiple varieties and sizes in the market. You can choose them in a large number of sizes from a single bed to a queen-sized mattress. You have to consider the size of the mattress before going to select it, consider the size of your tent, and find what size of mattress will fit into it. You have to choose the size of the mattress based on this.


No one will be ready to compromise with the comforts of the mattress; the comfort level of the mattress is directly related to the thickness. The thicker mattress provides more comfort than the thinner one. The thicker mattress only offers more comfort in your night sleep, so consider the thicker one for more comfort. 


The durability of the mattress is vital to consider because most of the people choose an air mattress for camping, which means used in the rugged and rocky territory. So the durability of the mattress is one of the essential factors to consider. If your mattress does not have durable construction, you can’t be able to use it for a long time. 

Easy to Use

Most of the air mattresses are self-inflating in nature. If you want to select a mattress for your camping, you should consider the inflating and deflating of the mattress. Because, if you easily inflate and deflate the mattress, you can use it easily.

Battery Power

Most of the companies provide a pump with the air mattress for the inflating process. In this case, the battery power of the pump is essential to consider. Choosing the pump that has a rechargeable battery is better to use for camping. 


Apart from all of this feature, the budget is most important to consider. If you find a mattress with all the features you need, but the price is out of your budget, surely you are not going to buy it. So the budget of the mattress is the most important thing to consider. 


Camping is an expensive hobby, and I’m sure that, without the essential products, you can’t be able to enjoy your trip. Air Mattress is one of your camping products, and you have to choose one of the best air mattresses under your requirements. You don’t need to stretch yourself unnecessarily, neither to compromise the budget of the air mattress. Because there are a lot of air mattresses available in the market under your budget. Buying the air mattress offers the maximum level of enjoyment in your camping. The ergonomically designed mattress is more important to consider, which will ensure comfortable sleep at night.