Top 10 Best Bed Frames in 2020 { Types & Guide}

Best best frames

When it comes to bed furniture, a bed frame is an essential piece of furniture. It has stand-alone foundations to provide support and keep your mattresses off the floor. The perfect mattress should give it a comfortable sleep and a strong base to ensure excellent support throughout the night.

The bed frame is designed to provide balanced and reliable support for the mattress, thus providing a high level of comfort and support for the mattress sleeper. A perfect bed frame makes your room feel cozy and adds a stylish look to your space according to your taste.

In addition to the design, the bed frame has additional features. It will lift you up and help you sleep. Some bed frames have space to store your items. The bed frame also helps extend the life of your mattress. Also, it provides support and protects the mattress from weakness and slippage.

When you are going to buy a bed frame, it is essential to consider the durability of the bed frame and make sure the design does not make any noise when you are around. You should choose a bed frame that suits your bedroom so that your room is more elegant to look at.

Many years ago, the traditional frame with box spring was the only option for people looking for a good foundation for sleep, but nowadays, there are a lot of choices, so you can choose it according to your convenience.

10 Best Bed Frames - Reviewed

1. Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed Frame

Zinus is a popular company that produces bed-related products such as mattresses, mattresses and bed frames. The Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed frame is one of the best classic design products that come from them. The headboard of this bed frame adds a very stylish look to your room.


The design of this bed frame is absolutely delicate, and the dark gray texture with soft square stitches adds a very soft and elegant look to this bed frame. Because of its high quality and long-lasting design, it will last a long time.

The frame, headboard, and slate of this bed frame provides excellent support for the mattress. When it comes to the price of this bed frame, it justifies the quality of the product.


  • Last longer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy Bed Frame


  • Middle of the bed support is not best

This bed frame has four different sizes; They are full, double, king, and queen sizes. The king-size frame stands 14 inches from the floor, so you have extra space to store, while other size frames are 8 inches from the floor.

The foam-imposed tubes come with this steel frame, which makes no noise when you move to the bed so you can sleep comfortably without any annoying noise. The height of the pillow is 43 inches, and it gives this bed frame a more classic and elegant look.

2. Home Life Platform Bed

HomeLife Mattress introduces the most updated bed frame in the world. It is a new queen size bed frame that comes with slates so you can attach it quickly. The dimensions of this bed frame are 89x69x51 inches. This bed frame does not require box spring comfort.


The 51-inch headboard makes this frame an exquisite and attractive model. The wooden slot of this frame provides extra support for a comfortable sleeping mattress. This bed frame has a fixed height, and the assembly process of this frame is easy.

This queen is designed using the new platform bed light beige linen. This frame is built with high-quality texture for its sturdy construction, and it features luxurious aesthetics to provide extra support. The headphone of this bed frame is perfect for comfort and elegant design. This bed frame is undoubtedly suitable for smart, decorated rooms.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy Construction


  • Some parts may miss in shipment

The soft upholstery and frame headphone gives you a very comfortable sleep and relaxation. Sturdy construction gives you extra support; Also, it does not scatter and wobble. No box spring is required to provide support.

Usually, this frame is shipped in two packs, and after receiving the ship, make sure to get every part of this bed frame. After that, you can start the assembling work, as well as assemble the bed frame.

3. Sleeplace Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

If you are looking for a more spacious bed frame, try the SLEEPLACE bed frame. The height of the frame base is 18 inches, which is 4 inches higher than other mattress springs. This height provides more space to store items under the bed.


It has a sturdy construction, and eight screws are used to hold the four pieces of the frame. Both bars are located in the center of the frame, which provides extra support for the bed to give you a comfortable sleep. Thin steel rods are used to hold the frame together to provide the base support of the mattress.

Its headband is beautifully designed so that you get the best experience possible. The stitched button design gives an elegant look to the bed frame. This bed frame can be used with or without a headphone. The steel used in this bed frame gives you more comfort.


  • Sturdy Design
  • Flexible Headboard
  • Good Storage Space


  • The headboard is not soft

The bottom of this bed frame is designed with a steel bar, which is sturdier than the traditional type of wood bars. Most people think steel wires are likely to cut through the mattress, but that is not the case. Also, these steel wires can support large deluxe cushions.

When it comes to the durability of this bed frame, the steel tilted structure gives more strength, and the design ensures no noise. If your mattress needs a proper height, you can use a box spring for that.

4. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

The Amazon Basics platform bed frame is trendy for its design; The feature of this bed frame is that it gives more comfort to your night sleep. The 13-inch height of this bed frame provides more storage space.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

You do not need a box spring to use in this bed, so you can skip the box spring to use on this mattress. Proper ventilation is essential for comfortable sleep, and if you use a box spring on this mattress, ventilation can be blocked, so avoiding the box spring is good for healthy sleep. You can place the mattress directly on this bed frame platform.

This AmazonBasics bed frame is perfect for adults, and you can roll around in this bed frame, which makes no noise for disturbing your night sleep. Steel wires are used for the design of this bed frame, and it provides better support than traditional wood bars.


  • Easy Setup
  • Supportive platform
  • Does not require box spring


  • The middle leg is not touching the floor

The folding feature of this bed frame helps to save space; Also, all sizes of this AmazonBasics bed frame are easily foldable. This feature will enable the structure to move faster. In this bed frame, you can use a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and regular spring mattress, which will provide the best support for your comfortable sleep.

You don’t have to worry about slipping mattresses; You can place the mattress directly on the bed frame platform. The legs are not sharp under this bed frame. The plastic covers of the bottom leg help protect the floor.

5. Zinus Korey Platform Metal Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard

It is another excellent product of Zinus. For more than 16 years, the company has been working with mattresses. Most of the products of this company are biofoam, which are made with green tea, charcoal, and natural seed oil.


If you are looking for a simple and elegant bed frame with a headboard, then this Zinus Korey 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame is the best choice for you. The assembling process of this bed frame is very simple. Steel is used in this frame, and wooden slats are used for the laid foundation. The mattress is provided with this bed frame. With this full-size bed, you can sleep comfortably.

The gray mattress headboard of this bed frame gives your room a stylish look. Wooden slats provide additional support for the mattress. You can use a variety of mattresses such as latex, memory foam, and spring mattress. The height of this bed frame is 14 inches, which gives you more storage space. Storage floor foam cushion provides a relaxing atmosphere.


  • Non-slip tape
  • Sturdy frame
  • High-quality fabric


  • Poor customer service

The metal frame is covered with foam, which makes no noise while you sleep. High-quality cloth and cushion are used in the frame of your bed, which gives more comfort to your night sleep.

Its perfect design makes this product more durable. The rubber strip on the support beam can help reduce noise. The wood slats have Velcro that is attached to the frame, which ensures the longevity of this product.

6. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame is one of the best-rated bed frames and is available at affordable prices. This bed frame fits perfectly in all types of cushions. Compared to the numerous bed frames on the market, this product comes with very durable construction and is welded with steel for its massive structure.


It has a foldable design, and its six-foot base provides a very reliable bedding base. If you are using this bed frame, you do not need to use the box spring. The foldable design of this bed frame supports secure storage and transportation.

The heavy-duty wire grid of this bed frame supports latex, memory foam, and spring mattresses. The bed base can weigh up to 2000 pounds so you can sleep comfortably. This bed frame comes with a foldable shelf; With this, you can quickly wrap it.


  • Durable Design
  • Support Heavy Mattress
  • Box spring is not required


  • Should tighten the screw

The assembling process of this bed frame is very simple; You don’t need any tools for this. The height of this bed frame is 13 inches, which provides decent storage space. The dimension of this bed frame is 39×75 inches.

7. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

Classic Brands Hercules Metal Bed Frame is an excellent choice for those looking for a well-designed metal bed frame at an affordable price. It is made of heavy steel with a black finish; This solid construction provides additional support for comfortable sleep.

Classic Brands Hercules

It is an excellent alternative to foundations box spring, traditional bed frame, and adjustable beds. This foldable metal bed frame operating system comes with a durable and textured surface that provides excellent support for all types of mattresses. You do not need tools to attach this bed frame, and if you need headboards and footboards, you need to buy them separately.

The adjustable feature of this bed frame fits easily into the small space. It comes with a 14-inch height, which provides 13 inches of adequate storage space. The closed legs of this frame will not damage your floor.


  • Durable Design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in all sizes


  • Bit noisy

The head of this Hercules frame allows you to lift and lower. It is ideal for reading, watching TV and working on the computer. When it comes to the size of this bed frame, you can buy it at your discretion, as it is available in double to California king sizes.

8. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Dura Metal Steel Slate Bed Frame

Olee Sleep manufactures a wide variety of bedding equipment, including mattresses, pillows, and bed frames. When it comes to the bed frame, this 14 inch Dura Metal Steel Slate Bed Frame is suitable for all types of people, and there is no need to confuse the inferior bed frames.


Its sturdy steel slates help to increase the lifetime of the mattress. Also, it easily supports the largest deluxe mattress, and it won’t let you slip. The durable structure of this bed frame also supports heavyweight. You can easily install it for your use as compared to the other model’s bed frame.


  • Affordable
  • No squeakiness
  • Easy to assemble


  • The large gap between slats

The simple design of Olee Sleep is perfect for any bedroom. Also, if you need headboards and footboards, you need to buy them separately and add them easily. There is no bustle in this bed frame so that you can sleep comfortably. Also, when you move around, it makes no noise.

You don’t need a box spring. All assembling parts are shipped in the same package, so there is no chance of losing the bed frame parts.

9. Simple Houseware Queen Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame

If you are looking for a durable Queen Size Bed Frame, Simple Houseware 14 Inch Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame is one of the smart choices for you. The height of this bed frame is 14 inches, which provides 13 inches of storage space under the frame.


Its holding space ensures that the mattress does not move and leaves no space around it. It is a simple design bed frame so you can quickly assemble the frame using conventional tools.

With its metal construction, you get a long-term use warranty. Its six legs are specially designed to provide support. It is compatible with all types of sites. Shortcut design ensures the stability and stability of the bed frame.


  • Affordable Price
  • Six recessed legs
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Less Sturdy

You can replace this bed frame with your old bed frame and box spring. No extra box springs are needed in this bed frame; This product will make your sleep more comfortable. In this bed frame, you can use latex, memory foam and box spring type mattress, and there is no extra material to put on the mattress, the mattress can be placed directly on this bed frame.

10. MALOUF Structures Rug Rollers bed frame

The MALOUF Heavy Duty Metal Center Support Bed Frame is designed to improve the stability and longevity of your mattress. This bed frame can be used for all sizes of mattresses from double to king size.

If you are looking for a bed frame base for both couples and children, this adjustable metal bed frame is the perfect choice for you, and you do not need to invest in another one for your children by using this heavy-duty adjustable metal bed frame.


The outer rails feature of this bed frame provides a solid structure, and the center bar provides excellent support for your mattress and box spring, which distributes weight evenly.

There are four roller features on this metal bed frame, and the central support of this bed frame provides constant support for the mattress, as well as this feature, allows you to quickly move the bed frame wherever you want it to be. It does not cause any site damage or noise. The two rug rollers of this bed frame can be locked so that it provides better stability for your comfortable use.


  • Versatility
  • Easy to adjust
  • Sturdy Design


  • Bit Sliding

The stylish black matte powder finish of the bed frame ensures the durability of this product; Also, it gives your room an elegant look. You can quickly assemble this bed frame without the need for additional tools. Due to its sturdy and durable design, this bed frame is the perfect choice for the overweight person.

Types Of Bed Frames

Metal Frame

This type of bed frame is also defined as standard frames, and this type can be purchased with and without the wheel, which is considered an open design. The center of this bed frame provides excellent support and helps to distribute the weight of the mattress and box spring. But you cannot put the mattress directly on this bed frame; It falls right through the open holes, so you need to buy the slats separately.

Metal Bed Frame

Trundle Frame

This type of bed frame is also known as the captain’s bed and can be a hidden bed. The built-in frames on this sofa bed are included, and you can fold it up, making it the right solution for your overnight guests.

Trundle Bed Frame
Trundle Bed Frame

Adjustable Frame

The adjustable bed frame is one of the unique design bed frames. You can use this bed frame like a hospital bed, and a motorized frame helps to adjust the head and leg side of this frame. The metal frame at the bottom is standard to use, and the top of the frame is moved with mattresses. It does not work with all beds; The mattresses in the box will work well with this type of frame.

Adjustable Bed Frame

Platform Bed Frame

This platform type bed frame is the most popular choice among people; Also, it’s a versatile design. In fact, you can use any kind of mattress in this platform bed frame. Metal or wood slats are used in this bed frame; The design of this bed frame provides consistent and flexible performance. This frame can easily support all types of cushions and sleepers. 

Usually, the height of these types of bed frames is very low because the box spring is not used in these bed frames. The slat of this frame provides excellent support, and the open areas provide proper ventilation, which requires most mattresses to protect them from growing.

Wooden Bed Frame

The wooden frame is a traditional type of bed frame that is designed with solid wood. Wooden frames are resistant to swelling and fighting. But this type of bed frame is more likely to shrink during a temperature change than a metal frame. Most people are looking for organic wood flooring for their bedroom’s desirable warmth.

Wooden Bed Frame
Wooden Bed Frame

Things To Consider Before Buying


When it comes to bed frame size, it all depends on the size of the mattress you are using. There are a lot of bed frames in the market, ranging from double to California king sizes, and you can choose it based on your needs; Also, you should consider the room where you are going to fix the bed frame.


The height of the bed frame is one of the essential things to consider because the height can make the difference between crawling and bouncing on the bed. If you have bad knees, it is difficult to get in and out of the very low bed frame, but the taller ones are the ones that inspire you. You can get extra storage space in the most towering bed frame, and this is one of the coolest features of a taller bed frame.

Height of the bed frame
Height of bed frame


The material used in the bed frame not only brings aesthetic value to your bedroom but also helps your mattress. The durability and firmness of the bed are defined as the material used in the bed frame. The material used in the frame helps improve the lifetime of the bed frame.

Durable Design

The bed frame plays a vital role in supporting mattress weight and people’s comfortable night sleep. Sturdy and dense construction ensures the durability of the bed frame, which helps support the weight of the mattress.


Bed frames come with wood and metal slats, which helps the mattress feel softer because the slate provides flexibility and flexibility for the mattress. The solid construction of the slats provides excellent support and will protect the mattress from sagging. Horizontal slats provide more support than vertical slats. If you are using a memory foam mattress, it is important to consider this so that your mattress does not slip between the slats and create an uneven sleeping surface.

Storage Space

Some bed frames provide storage space and can be used to store pillows, bedsheets, and other bedding. Using storage space, you can avoid additional storage items such as pins, baskets, and drawers, and this feature is an optional option for smaller homes. Most of the high-quality bed frames offer a storage space feature.

Storage space
Storage Space of bed frame

Our final thoughts

The best bed frame can have a significant impact on your night’s sleep and mattress, but choosing a bed frame can be a daunting task, even if you know what you want. There are so many options in the market, so that you may be confused about your expectations. If you are investing in latex, memory foam, and deluxe cushions and are expecting the longevity of your mattress, the best option is to use a proper bed frame. If you sleep on a solid bed frame, it will provide the best support for your sleep.

We’ve compared a lot of products in terms of price, design, durability, and other features, and here are the ten best bed frames for your choice. It will provide excellent support and comfort for your night sleep; Also, you can get a stylish look in your bedroom.