How to Fix a Leaky Sleeping Pad


Are you planning for the journey into the wilderness? Then it is important to take a sleeping pad with you to get a better good night’s sleep after the long day of travel. But the faulty pad will ruin all your comfort and makes your body close to the ground. Moreover, it will not maintain your body temperature and it reduces the insulation property of the sleeping pad.

Checking for leaks in the Sleeping Pad and Repairing Them

The sleeping pad is important for staying in the woods during the night time to get a good sleep. You can take this wherever you want when you leave your home for some days to get the amazing experience of hiking, hunting, trekking or camping.

The sleeping pads are available in different types, shapes, and sizes but after the tough use, it may get some damages which leads to the leakage problem. You can repair it yourself in the early stage for avoiding the serious issues.

Here are few easy methods to make it reusable, just follow the below steps to repair it easily.


Most of the sleeping pads come with the repair kit and try to take with you while using this pad. Usually, the kits are light-weight and require very less storage space.  It includes liquid adhesive, duct tape, self-adhering patches etc.

If the patch in the repair kit is small then there would be tears in the sleeping pad, combine the required patches together to block the leakage. Use liquid adhesive for the small hole, leakage or tears, you can also use it with the patches for covering the large area.

How to Locate the Leaks in the Sleeping Pads

It is necessary to find the cause for the leakage whether it is small or large, also you have to detect the exact location of the problem.

1) Listen:

First, close the valve of the inflated sleeping pad and listen the sound of leaking air for identifying any holes or puncture.

2) Add Soap and Water:

Pour the mixture of water and soap solution over the inflated pad if you observe any bubbles, then you can find the leakage hole easily.

3) Submerge:

Just place the inflated pad in the tub containing water and make sure that the entire surface is under the water. If your sleeping pad has any damage, then you can pinpoint that from the escaping bubbles.


After finding the hole, mark that place using the pencil and clean the area in order to remove residue from the surface, then release the valve to deflate the sleeping pad and allow it for few minutes to make it dry completely.

Valve Leak

Before inspecting the sleeping pad, you have to check the valve first in order to reduce the time for finding the cause of the problem. If the valve has any holes, then use repair adhesive to fill the hole or wrap the duct tape around the valve. The most repair kit contains replacement valves try to use it when you can’t repair the old value.

No Patch Method

Apply the few drops of repair adhesive over the pinholes to fill the leakage area and let the sleeping pad dry for some time.

Liquid Adhesive and Patch

Find the size of the hole and cut the patch from the repair material in round shape. The extension of the patch should be half an inch beyond the hole to make it stick to the material tightly. Then apply the adhesive over the leakage area and it should extend beyond the patch. After 15 minutes apply another layer of adhesive and allow it to dry.

Self Adhering Patch

Just similar to the previous method, cut the patch ½ inch larger than the size of the hole and peel the protective film from the patch before applying it over the area. Hold it in the same position for few minutes and then add a little amount of repair adhesive to make it stronger.

Final Check

Once you repair all the holes, tears or puncture inflate the sleeping pad if you find any additional leakages, just follow the above process to solve the problem. Remove the sticks, stones or other items from the ground because it creates pressure on the sleeping pad which leads to the development of holes.


Hope you got a clear idea for identifying the location of the leak and the procedure for repairing the different size of the holes.

While going for the outdoor trips, try to have your favorite sleeping pad to get the rest without any discomfort.

Let’s know in comments if you find any problem in repairing your sleeping pad.